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Villa Ypsilon @LASSA Architects

Foinikounta, Greece

Villa Ypsilon is located on the hillside of an olive grove in the Greek region of Messenia in the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The project deploys itself as a concrete shell bridging different parts of the terrain with a green roof that materializes an extension of the landscape. Its vaulting surfaces are designed to frame precise panoramic views, provide protection from the sun and delineate three distinct courtyards that work as hemispheres that are used at different times of the day and programmed according to the course of the sun. The shell allows for a series of vistas through a continuous loop between inside and outside, the ground level and the top of the tree canopy of the olive grove. The project formwork and all furniture were digitally designed, fabricated, and assembled by LASSA in a very short amount of time, with great precision and cost-efficiency. In terms of its internal organization, the house comprises two main areas: A private wing that is integrated into the landscape with three separate bedrooms looking towards the east, and a large living room towards the south that articulates the three courtyards.

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