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Kavvada Residencies @LASSA Architects

Lefkada, Greece

Nestled into the mountainside of Southern Lefkada, this collection of villas boasts majestic views of the Ionian Sea. They are embedded in the landscape and feature accessible green roofs. Taking inspiration from traditional Greek terraces, the villas become an extension of the garden, connected by a meandering road. 

The steep slope of the site means that each sunken volume is practically invisible to its neighbor above. The decision to bury these volumes minimizes their visual impact, also allowing to build more area on the site than would otherwise be legally permitted. In order to further reduce their presence, the private and public spaces of each villa are dislocated from each other - creating the appearance of smaller volumes - but with internal connections. The project is an exercise in house design, masterplan organization, and dialogue with complex terrain.

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