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Masstone @SpActrum

Taiyuan, China

The focus of this design can be found between the collision of natural rock forms and fashion. The stands around the show floor undulate and cascade into a series of rocky paths. The basic idea of ​​the design is an inner garden, adhering to modernist tradition, eliminating decoration and rejecting the use of ramps, platforms, and ladders. These basic architectural languages ​​provide a venue for the occurrence of multiple events. The hanger becomes the illuminator and container at the suggestion of the lighting designer. Curved hangers made of huge steel float in the air and built-in lighting makes these steel clouds have the usual visual quality of flowing lava at night. It transcends the simple function of the hanger and continuously connects the entire space around the central high platform. Finally, the hangers organize one space after another, which is interspersed and enclosed, along their path.

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