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Maari, Misan Residencies @LASSA Architects

Cairo, Egypt

Inspired by the vernacular typology of the courtyard house, we have designed the courtyard at the core of this villa to performs many roles. It is the organizational hub for the project. Communal spaces are arranged around the courtyard on the ground and the roof, while private areas containing the rooms are situated in between, on the first floor. The courtyard brings natural light deep into the center of the project, while also providing natural ventilation. Air is drawn into the house on the ground floor and rises up as it reaches the courtyard, maintaining a cooling breeze that is vital for the hot, dry climate. Finally, and most uniquely, the ramp that wraps around the courtyard acts as both vertical circulation, and a viewing gallery for a collection of antique sculptures and other artwork. This ramp leads to the rooftop that is oriented to provide breathtaking views towards the Pyramids of Giza.

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